New Mobile Connections Through Aadhaar Card Verification Online

aadharHereafter a new mobile connection is opted through the govt enabled instant identity checking through the aadhaar card biometrics data.

The mobile subscribers should give their thumb impression to the retailers while buying the sim card which will compare it with the UID card data and serve as the address proof.

In the state of andhra pradesh a pilot project has been recently held. Nearly 25 per cent aadhaar card issued out of the 56 million uidai enrolment from the 86 mn population until now.

All the paper works will be reduced hereafter while selling the SIM cards to avail to obtain customers’ profile & biometric details online over the internet.

Apart from Aadhaar as ID proof, customers are required to produce ration card, passport, driving licence to receive the connection.

Upon governing the new guidelines the operators will make aadhaar verification online to can issue new mobile connections using only the Aadhaar card, which will speed up the verification process as everything will be done online.

All the Operators like Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, & Reliance Communications have accepted giving fresh mobile connections through the Aadhaar card.

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